SDG15 – Life on Land

       Khon Kaen University has promoted the conservation of natural resources and the environment by developing the area in Khon Kaen University to be a green area through the creation of a fertile soil ecosystem by planting forests both inside and outside of the university.
       The university has a coordinating center for projects arising from the royal initiative that serves to support academic services and research on plant genetic conservation projects due to the royal initiative. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (PSU) center to be a center for conservation research and sustainable development and establishing a database of medicinal plants (Yangna Database and Perennial Database).
       The university educates the community on how to enrich the terrestrial ecosystem, such as conserving soil and water with vetiver and the production of earthworm manure to promote the cultivation of vetiver grass to reduce soil erosion. It promotes the production of earthworm fertilizer, a tree planting project to raise the awareness of local youth to increase the forest area in the community and restore degraded forest areas to be fertile. It is also to raise awareness of the youth in the community about forest conservation as well as to help prevent and reduce the impact of climate change and reduce global warming. In addition the university provides training in soil value analysis on experimental plots of model farmers and soil development in cultivation and reducing environmental problems in the use of chemicals, community forest management and conservation of plant and animal genetics, etc.