SDG1 – No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere. SDG reference

Policy and operation

  • KKU has a policy and system to support students from poor families. We provide many types of supports such as full support, some financial support, reducing or exempting fees, or even application fees. The fund is supported by 1300 university scholarships, 6 Din Din Daeng funds, 100 alumni associations, 457 funding from internal departments, 1220 funding from external agencies, 1220 scholarships from outside organizations, and 510 scholarships from faculties.
  • KKU has various forms of support for poor students, such as scholarships, external funding sources, government funds, supporting extra income while studying, reducing tuition fees, and educational loan funds, etc.

Major work outcomes of Khon Kaen University

  1. “People University for profession training of those holding the Government Welfare Card”
    KKU in cooperation with the Government Saving Bank set up a training course for those holding the government welfare card, so that they can be self-reliance in their profession; and generate income for their living. Four courses were offered in the training: 1) How to make salted eggs and their packaging, 2) How to make herbal medicines for health and souvenirs, 3) How to make Thai desserts, and 4) How to do crochet. The training was given during 13-16 May 2019 at the Bimala Kalakicha Building, KKU.
  2. Training on Digital Marketing to small-sized entrepreneurs under the banner “Boost with Facebook” Faculty of Business Management and Accounting in cooperation with Kenan Foundation Asia, and Facebook Thailand gave a training on Digital Marketing to small-sized entrepreneurs under the banner “Boost with Facebook”. It aims to build up on-line business skill; in entrepreneurs using a platform through the Facebook platform. The training contents covered many aspects, such as building up business page on Facebook or Instagram, using tools for making of creative contents. Target of the training was for those not previously accessible to information or resources, such as those from the
    handicapped community, the alternative sex, or those in the remote community. The training started on August 31 to September 1, 2019 at the Faculty of Business Management and Accounting.
  3. Workshop on Skill Development for Veterinarian Profession The Volunteer Veterinarian Club, and Prevention and Anti-Rabies Club of the Student Union, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized a “Workshop on Skill Development for Veterinarian Profession” in Academic Year 2019. The workshop aims to give students a basic skill in handling small animals, large animals, aquatic animals; lab practical, and organic agriculture. It also gave students chance to recollect what they have learnt from the classroom and make them confident in doing their jobs. The workshop was on October 12, 2019, at the Loei Livestock Research and Breeding Center and the 52nd Pracha Nuchaor School, Wang Saphung, Loei.
  4. “Khon Kaen University with Social Devotion” The event was set up on February 5, 2019, at the Siri Khunakorn Building, Office of the President to make academic service accessible to the community; and make the research outputs more available to the public. Many of these research outputs are meant to solve the poverty problems of the northeast, hence, elevating living quality of the community.
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