SDG12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

       Khon Kaen University has a policy to drive the university towards becoming a green university which is environmentally friendly, and a good role model for the community and society around the university including personnel, students, and all stakeholders. All have taken part in creating environmental sustainability by focusing on waste management; (1) reducing the amount of waste, solid waste sorting and hazardous waste, according to the 3Rs principle, namely reducing the use of resources and reducing waste (Reduce), reuse and be worthwhile (Reuse) and recycle (Recycle), reduce the use of plastic foam in the university (2) effective management of solid waste and hazardous waste from the source to the destination. (3) develop an efficient wastewater collection system. Reduce the contamination of wastewater to water sources within the university. (4) monitor and control the quality of wastewater coming from agencies. and treated wastewater. (5) promote research and development of technology and innovations in wastewater management. Solid waste and hazardous waste (6) educate and communicate to personnel at all levels, students and people around the university to create a corporate culture of sustainable waste management and efficient use of resources.