SDG13 – Climate Action

       Khon Kaen University has a policy to drive the university towards becoming a green university where is environmentally friendly and being a good role model for the community and society around the university including personnel, students and all stakeholders. All need to be involved in building sustainability in energy and climate change (Energy & Climate Change); (1) develop energy management and management systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make efficient and sustainable use of energy (2) improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption by turning indoor equipment into energy-saving equipment (3) adopt good technology and practices and the use of renewable energy to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. (4) develop energy innovations. Establishing good practices in energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction (5) the use of renewable energy within the university (6) develop, improve (Building renovation) and design buildings (Passive Design for Buildings) of the unit to be Green Buildings, Energy Saving Buildings and Smart Buildings.