SDG2 – Zero Hunger

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Policy and operation

Khon Kaen University focuses on research for sustainable development to eradicate poverty, end of the shortages of food, energy and water, through research that promote human resource development and effective policy communication. The policies are:

  1. Promote of creating knowledge and innovation for ensuring food, energy, and water security, through multidisciplinary research collaboration aimed to academic excellence and sustainable solution.
  2. Support academic researchers, research staff, and graduate studies staff to improve research capabilities, through KKU research group, research program, and specialize research centers among Mekong sub-region.
  3. Facilitate organizational learning and knowledge management for food, energy and water security in all segment aimed to drive efficient public policy.
  4. Determine the direction, policy and research strategy on the country's food, energy and water security by establishing leading research institute of the Mekong sub-region for food, energy and water security.

Major work outcomes of Khon Kaen University

  1. “Crickets: Food for Future” Conference Because of its local availability and being cheap, cricket has become a protein source of choice; a food for future. This fact has convinced the Food and Agriculture Organization so much that it encourages people all over the world to consume more crickets. Because of its significance and good potential, cricket raising in the northeast has been promoted. As a result, “Cricket: Food for Future”, the 1st Isan Cricket Conference was organized by the Institute for Strategic Research and Coordination for Northeastern Development, KKU; during 30-31 May 2019, at Chareon Thani Hotel, Khon Kaen. The conference was attended by cricket farmers, cricket-food processors, academics, researchers, and community officers in the area.
  2. Developing and Making of Entrepreneurs Using Knowledge from Higher Education Institutes From the Project “Developing and Making of Entrepreneurs Using Knowledge from Higher Education Institutes”, the Enterprise Incubation Center organized a Workshop on “Frog Raising using a Commercial Smart Farm System” during 8-10 May 2019 at the Northeastern Science Park. Objectives of the workshop are to enable the participants of applying the Smart Farm System to best benefit their frog raising, and prepare them to be successful entrepreneurs.
  3. The 11th Food Innovation Contest (Northeastern Region) The contest was organized by Faculty of Technology in cooperation with the Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand on February 7, 2019 at the Faculty of Technology. This contest is aimed at screening for representatives from the Northeastern region to be the contesters in the final round of the coming Food Innovation Contest 2019.
  4. Fishery for School Children To make students capable of transferring knowledge and technology to the younger generation, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering set up a demonstration course using students of the faculty as instructors. In this course the students had to instruct school children on how to do aquaculture, so that they can have protein source and a learning center for aquaculture in their own school. And in return, the course would improve knowledge and skill of the student instructors; teaching them to think analytically; knowing how to plan and work as a team, and becoming a graduate with desirable traits at the end. The course was delivered on August 2, 2019 at the Duear Withyakharn, Tha Bor district, Nongkai.
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