SDG4 – Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Policy and operation

KKU have a project to develop knowledge and skills for the public on a regular basis, both medical and public Management In creating jobs and other areas as needed by the community.

Major work outcomes of Khon Kaen University

  1. An Open Market of Higher Education Programs During 17-18 January 2019 KKU hosted the 23rd Open Market Exhibition of Higher Education Programs, a project run by Office of the Higher Education Commission. The exhibition has been opened up continuously in both Bangkok and up countries, hosted by institutions of that particular area. This will give people information about study programs of both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; make them accessible to the curriculum details and other education information,
    regardless of where they live.
  2. Fund Raising for Education “Pee Hai Nong Gong La 1000” (Brothers giving to Brothers, 1000 THB Each) The rally was organized by the Student Development and Alumni Relation Division to raise up fund for needy students under the motto “Pee Hai Nong Gong La 1000” (Brothers giving to Brothers, 1000 THB Each). The fund will be given to needy students who are well behaved and have good academic record, as scholarships until the graduation. Apart from building up good relationship between present students and the alumni, the rally also give the alumni opportunity to make merit on their birthday.
  3. KKU Maker Space Workshop and Challenge: DIY by Gen C was organized by the KKU Library to train people on how to use Applications and Tools for the DIY works, how to Design and Create Products using Laser Cutter, and how to use 3D Printers and other services in the KKU Maker Space Area. The workshop was on March 5, 2019 in the second building of the Library. The KKU Maker Space Area is provided for any activities intended to create innovations. Students are encouraged to design any products or produce any prototyped products for their future commercial use. It also gives opportunity to retired university personnel to meet with students and transfer their knowledge and experiences to them, creating a sustainable knowledge exchanging atmosphere and narrowing down the generation gap
  4. Learning Source for Community One of the KKU Library functions is to support the Academic Service Mission of the university; giving advice to community of how to manage and run their library or learning source, will strengthen the community and make their people love reading; a habit that leads to success in life. On July 19, 2019, the Library went visiting the community’s library at the Wat Ku Prapha Chai Train Station, Ban Na Kumnoi, Nam Pong district to evaluate its operation and give some books to the library. Books on Dhramma, history, Isan culture, philosophy and Isan life are among others.
  5. DGF Library Create Wisdom  The event was organized by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences during July to August 2019 to develop 3 goodness in running a library, which are: good librarian, good learning media, and good library environment. The training gave emphasis on making good young librarians, promoting more diversified learning media, building up youth digital intelligence, and make the library a living-library. Office of the Khon Kaen Primary Education Area 1 was used as the training site. It was planned to have the training done in all education areas to give all children and youth equal opportunity to learn.
  6. Exchanging Educational Management with the First Bilingual School of Thailand
    On September 12, 2019, the Faculty of Education discussed and exchange the idea of how to run a bilingual school with the administrators from Amnuay Silpa School. Experiences from the discussion will be used to elevate quality of the curriculum and management of the KKU International Demonstration School, making it a prototype international school of the country. The school could fulfill the need of high quality schools for children and youth in the Northeast, giving them equal opportunity the access to quality schools. Amnuay Silpa School is the first bilingual school of Thailand that has been teaching bilingual program for more than 90 years. Its curriculum well fit the Thai context but yet internationalized. The school also develop their management and teachers in the program using the Thinking School Network of England. The exchange done on this occasion between the 2 institutions can help building up quality schools for Thai children with the motto” Building up Thai Children with Thai Root but yet Internationally Qualified”.
  7. Learning Together for Thai Teachers During 16-18 October 2019, Faculty of Education together with Center for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN hosted the 12th Education Exhibition for Teaching Profession Development (EDUCA: The Power of Learning Community) at the Muang Thong Thani Convention Center. Objectives of the exhibition are to act as a center for the exchange of knowledge in teaching and learning management, and to develop teaching profession quality in all personnel involving in educational management. There were many activities in the exhibition, such as international conference, educational administrators’ meeting, workshop, small group seminars, and so on. Apart from that, Center for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN, Center for Research in Mathematics Education, and Faculty of Education presented their works in Teaching Innovations in the exhibition.
  8. College for Elderly The College of Local Administration in cooperation with the Pichit Provincial Administration Organization and offices responsible for senior citizen affairs have jointly established a College for Elderly to prepare for the Era of elderly in Pichit City. In doing this, the College of Local Administration is responsible for academic operation covering the program contents, and accreditation. In 2019, the programs in Health Sciences and Community Economy were offered; and 360 senior citizens graduated from 21 programs.
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