SDG7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Policy and operation


Major work outcomes of Khon Kaen University

  1. KKU Energy Conservation By using Renewable Energy; such as green energy, clean energy, or solar energy; apart from reducing the cost, its usage can also reduce bad effects of using conventional energy on the environment. To encourage usage of clean energy KKU has initiated these 2 projects: 1) A new high voltage station combined with Solar Energy Farm; 2 solar farms have been running and can reduce the cost of using electricity from EGAT as much as 12 million THB per year (with 10 months of strong sunlight). 2) Using recycled waste-water. By laying down a new piping system, the recycled water can be used for watering plants, hence reducing the cost of good water which is about 200 m3 /day and save 100 THB/day.
  2. The APEC Low-Carbon Model Town The College of Local Administration, as a representative of Khon Kaen City, presented a Development Plan for Low-Carbon Town under the APEC Low-Carbon Model Town (LCMT) project Dissemination Phase 2 at San Borja, Lima, Peru. In the meeting, policy, objectives, and the operation outputs of the project were presented. Examples of the past operation are: installation of solar
    roofs on the municipality market building and the waste-water pumping station at Thung Srang,replacing ordinary lamps with LED lamps in all public areas, starting the Light Rail Train (LRT) project. All these operations are done by the cooperation of many institutions, such as government offices, education institutions, the Regional Environmental Office 10, KKU, and private sectors.
  3. Energy Conservation Day, Knowledge Dissemination Faculty of Medicine won many awards from the energy conservation works which have saved more than 171 million THB from 7 years operation. And on the Energy Conservation Day’s Occasion, the faculty organized a workshop titled” Energy Conservation and Environment Preservation Day,Faculty of Medicine 2019” to educate participants with new knowledge and development in energy conservation. The workshop also made the personnel and hospital visitors well aware, the significanceof energy conservation.
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