SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Policy and operation

KKU pay attention on work fairness. Ascending determination of salary rates regardless of race, religion, gender, or age, which is specified in the work ethic. There is a proclamation to prevent threats Including sexual abuse

Major work outcomes of Khon Kaen University

  1. Developing Community’s Entrepreneurs The Bureau of Academic Service in cooperation with the College of Local Administration, and private sectors have developed and commercialized the community’s entrepreneurs. To give them opportunity to earn incomes for the community, the Si Than Festival was set up during 20-22 November
    2019. In this festival the community demonstrated how their products were made and put them on sale. Examples of the products were seasoning herbal powder, soap tablets, and so on.
  2. KKU Building up Relations with Community To build up good relations with the community, KKU had initiated many activities in 2019 to strengthen the KKU community networks. Examples of the training subjects given to the community were: Development of Community’s entrepreneurs, Laws for the community, Caring for elderly and, Nutrition and exercise. Other activities were: giving rabies vaccination and birth control pills to cats and dogs in the community, broadcasting “KKU for Community” radio program, etc.
  3. Start Up Start Now #3 This is an activity aiming at giving students presentation skill and the ability to develop their potential products into commercialized ones. Pitching presentation was also a part of the activity. Their presentations were judged by a committee of experts, such as the Marketing Director for SMEs Startup of the Government Saving Bank, and the Business Development & Co-Founder AIRPORTEL.
  4. Making a Student a Startup Businessman from his innovation in Innovation Playground 2019 Innovation Playground 2019 is a community activity that let people build up their business from their own innovations. A number of students were successful in starting their business and earned a big income. Trading can be done in the event through the Financial Technology System together with the mana Application and Prompt Pay.
  5. Student Part-time Employment The project has been running by Student Development and Alumni Relations Division to give students opportunity to earn incomes from proper part-time jobs. The employment will give them working experience; knowing the value of hard-earned money and how to spend their leisure time.
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