Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute and Ban Hat Quality of Life Development Committee on a study visit to observe waste management system by local administrative organization

August 18, 2020 – Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute of Khon Kaen University and Ban Hat Quality of Life Development Committee led by Mrs. Paradorn Dangyangwai, Acting Public Health Officer of Ban Hat District, Khon Kaen conducted a study visit to see the waste management system of local administrative organization. This study trip was under Ban Hat Model Project and the Prototype District Project for solving the problem of liver fluke disease and cholangiocarcinoma. The group observed the process in managing of waste treatment system of the local administrative organization in order to acquire a lesson for locating a site for developing waste treatment and management. This is an important issue in the development of a prototype district for solving liver fluke disease ad cholangiocarcinoma. Participants in this project consisted of prepresentatives from Ban Hat District Office, leaders and responsible people for public health works of Ban Hat Administrative Organization, Ban Hat Public Health Officer, Sub-district heads, village heads and heads of communities in Ban Hat.

Mr. Supan Chaimee, Na Kha Sub-district Mayor, Udonthani said, “Population in Nakha Sub-district Municipality continuously increases with the increase of the service sector, especially the textile market in Na Kha that brings in a lot of tourists. This results in problems of garbage and waste. The important problem is the private toilet-vacuum trucks illegally discharge the household waste in the area until this has become a significant public health problem. The Municipality therefore has been attempting to solve this problem and has the Environment Office Region 9 as the consultant. The waste treatment pond was constructed in 2012 and has carried out the work until it has become the prototype and a study trip venue.”

Mr. Nattapong Wongsa, Director of Division of Public Health and Environment gave a lecture on the management of waste and showed around the waste treatment pond of Na Kha Municipality. Participants had a chance to ask questions and exchange experiences together.

Na Kha waste treatment system is about one kilometer away from the community. It is situated in a public area of Ban Thon Yai. The area is about 2 ngan and consists of 12 3.50 mtreatment pond that uses sand as the sieving material. The waste water is filtered at the back. This is done every month with chlorine. Na Kha Sub-district has one household toilet-vacuum truck that charges 150 baht per one visit. There is also one bio-fertilizer factory that produces fertilizer from dry sludge. The fertilizer is given out to farmers who want it so that they can reduce their production cost.


News: Wanchai Kanjanasurat

Photos:Tanarat Khongkharak

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