SDG14 – Life Below Water

       The university has promoted the abundance of water resources and created sustainability for the ecosystem of living things in water resources, especially freshwater sources in the Isan region through teaching management in fisheries courses in bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorates to build a body of knowledge in fisheries such as animal husbandry, fishing technology, fishery biology through having an important learning resource in the Nong Khai Provincial Aquarium, Khon Kaen University which is the center for educational research in fisheries. It is a collection of fish species from the Mekong River Basin and is the largest aquarium in the Northeast.
       The university transfers knowledge and technology to communities and farmers who make a living in fishing, such as conservation of aquatic species, mobile fish breeding kit, reducing costs, the promotion of fish farming in land and water cages. In addition, community-level economic promotion projects with organic vegetables, in order to provide farmers with a supplementary livelihood and be able to rely on themselves in changing economic conditions, etc.