SDG9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

       The university has shifted its research objectives beyond publishing research findings into utilizing research. Product creation or innovations that are in line with the country's research policy drives research to create new products or commercial innovations to build cooperation with business and industry in bringing the university's knowledge to commercialization and the creation of entrepreneurs both at the community and national level (Start-ups).
       Driving major businesses such as a lithium-ion battery prototype factory which is located within the Northeast area of the Science Park. That is, a prototype factory producing “Nano silicon” from rice husk and rice husk ash for use in lithium-ion battery terminals. These batteries can store up to 12 times more than carbon ones.
       Opening creative space to transfer knowledge to students as well as to be a source of incubation for entrepreneurs by establishing The Begins Co-Working Space.
       Develop innovations for society to fight the epidemic such as creating face shields and cloth masks. A two-way communication robot and food and drug delivery system for Srinagarind Hospital. Examination room without doctor (inpatient), 10 UVC sterilization cabinets for reuse, a N95 mask ozone sterilization cabinet for reuse, PPE kit for delivery to healthcare professionals. Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University Patient bed cover / stretcher transporting for Covid-19 patients to Srinagarind Hospital, etc.