KKU alumni ready to mobilize more funds to develop a learning space and give scholarships to pupils of Banmuangkhai School in Yasothon

Khon Kaen University alumni by the Alumni and Student Coordination Association that aims to support the young underprivileged in education held a social dedication activity in Yasothon with an intention to improve foundation education at a school with shortage of basic infrastructure for instruction in Yasothon. The assistance will be through fund mobilization among alumni of Khon Kaen University and those wanting to make merit. The fund mobilizing has been done for the second year this year.

The activity has been coordinated by Khru Yupin Pansai, the 42nd Class alumnus from the Faculty of Education and now a teacher at Banmuangkhai School, Krajai Sub-district, Pa Tew District, Yasothon; who related to the association that the school has not enough buildings and classrooms, for the main wooden building of the school is of old age and many parts are badly damaged. Although the building underwent repair for 3 times, it is still in bad condition which is not appropriate for teaching. Moreover, the school is small, with only 43 pupils altogether from the first grade to the sixth grade, one principal, 3 teachers and 5 employees. The budget allocated from the government is never enough for suitable arrangements of proper teaching and learning.

The Alumni and Student Coordination Association for Education-underprivileged Pupils of Khon Kaen University therefore made decision to mobilize funds for building more classrooms and useful space for the school On November 7-8, 2020 the association alumni went to give scholarships to all of the 43 pupils, at an amount of 500 baht each, totaling 21,500 baht. The team discussed with the teachers and community leaders to plan the classroom construction. The association will coordinate and mobilize money for the school. Now, some alumni and those who want to make merit have already donated an amount.

Mr. Wiwat Kamprakhon, a 43rd Class alumnus from the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy and the Chairman of the Fund Mobilization Project said, “Banmuangkhai School, Krajai Sub-district, Pa Tew District, Yasothon is a very small school with only 43 pupils in all grades. However, the pupils’ O-net scores are higher than the country’s averages for 3 consecutive years. The pupils and school have been awarded many prizes at the national level. This reflects the quality of both the teachers and the students, who, although are in the disadvantageous condition and learning environment, can attain this level of success. The building is deteriorated and has been under repair for 3 times. I feel sorry for the pupils due to their educational inequality and therefore made a decision to assist. From discussion with a group of alumni, the association is going to assist by firstly mobilize fund for scholarships. Today is the start of this small back-up that will finally build chances and equality for the pupils. I hope that the donation will assist in instruction and education for the pupils here.”

The Alumni and Student Coordination Association for Education-underprivileged Pupils of Khon Kaen University has opened the following account for fund mobilizing: Krung Thai Bank, Central Lad Prao Branch, Account Name “ปนน. เพื่อน้องผู้ด้อยโอกาสทางการศึกษา”, Account No. 690-0-69798-4

Khon Kaen University by Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation has coordinated with the Khon Kaen Alumni Association of Yasothon Province to take part in this public-assisting activity. The details will be publicized once the School has completed the details of classroom construction with estimation for expenditure.

News: Pasakorn Tuaprakhon

Photos: The Alumni and Student Coordination Association for Education-underprivileged Pupils