KKU Science Park joins i-bitz Co. Ltd., to apply ‘JetStream’, the real-time data management for energy-efficient building

In the past, men knew how to write and draw things they encountered on natural surfaces as a record of data. Later, more inventions were produced such as printing press, books, disks, computers, etc. until now there are advanced technologies in the globalized world, leading to information being connected all over the world, enabling people everywhere to rapidly perceive the impacts of things that take place.

At present, most information reaches us from the electronics equipment around us such as mobile phones, data watches, closed circuit cameras, and various measuring devices, which we can call them IoT equipment (Internet of Things). But with the former database system, we are unable to cope with big amount of data continuously. The data are also multiple and complex, emerging from different devices, different means of communication, and different producers. This makes it hard to apply information for the utmost benefits. Organizations, both governmental and private, therefore look for a device that can tackle this problem and enable an organization to operate efficiently. i-bitz Co. Ltd., as an expert company in geo-informatics, one of the companies occupying a space of the Northeast Science Park, Khon Kaen, has developed a product called “JetStream” to store continuous data that we refer to as Real-Time. JetStream can accommodate big data, and can transmit and receive data with devices that have various communicating channels. It has the data-adjusting property before storing in a system. It provides warning under the set condition and provides data according to Open API (standard data exchanging between organizations).

The main building of the Northeast Science Park, Khon Kaen, with its 18,000 sq m usage space, serves as the place for the private sector to work on research and development related to science, technology, and innovation. Power consumption at the Science Park was raised up as an issue of discussion between the building management department and i-bitz Co. Ltd., who has introduced JetStream for following up the electricity consumption in the building at the first start, and as a tool to administer the power system in the building in the next step under the Green Building Project.

 Khun Marupong Chomchalao, Director of the Spatial Innovation Lab of ibitz Company said, “Our company has expertise in geoinformatics, which is among the tops of the countryAt present, most jobs involve managing big amount of data in real time, and the data come from many sourcesThe company therefore developed JetStream to increase the efficiency in data managementWe expect that the main building of the Science Park will benefit from JetStreamWe discussed this with Khun Ratthaapa Saksat, Director of the Building Management Department to install the devices at the power control boxes in the areaThese send the data to JetStreamThen a Web Application was built to show the power consumption of each pointThat is the first start for us to see if there is something unusualMoreover, we can order switching on or off in different zonesJetStream is also a prototype to be extended to farming that is heading towards being a smart farm.

Khun Rattha-apa Saksat, Director of the Building Management Department of the Science Park, Khon Kaen University revealed, “The main building of the Science Park stresses the management of energy existing for optimum benefits and worthiness. Solar cell panels have been installed so that solar energy can be used in some places. Technology has also been used to administer energy via the Jetstream platform. Normally we store the power consumption data every month and compare the data month by month. I-bitz Company, as one user of the building, has assisted in observing the total energy consumption of the whole building or at some areas we want to know in real time. This enables us to manage energy efficiently and then use the data to plan ahead for the future problems that may arise, for sustainable energy development.”

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