Academic Service Office and Savings Bank of Thailand hold the “Savings Bank’s 2022 Squared Youth’s Locality Development”

The Academic Service Office and the Government Savings Bank held a meeting to clarify the activities for enhancement and development of local wisdom for 2022 under the title: “Savings Bank’s 2022 Squared Youth’s Locality Development”. The activities are aimed at increasing knowledge, enhancing wisdom, creating values for community economy, and discovering potentials of community products and entrepreneurial groups.

February 24, 2022 – The Office of Academic Service of Khon Kaen University held an event for discovering potentialities of community products and entrepreneurial groups of Phu Phaman District, Khon Kaen. The event was organized online and was joined by the entrepreneurs there. Assoc. Prof. Chuchart Kamollert, Ph.D., D.V.M., Director of the Academic Service Office, presided over the opening session, which was organized at Maneethewa Room, Office of Academic Service.

Assoc. Prof. Chuchart Kamollert, Ph.D., D.V.M., Director of the Academic Service Office explained about the importance of the project that it involves activities to promote potentialities of community entrepreneurs and it is the collaboration between an academic institution and community organizations. The project is one of the important missions of Khon Kaen University for providing academic services to the society. It has been supported by the Government Savings Bank. This year, Phu Phaman District in Khon Kaen is the target area, for there is a plan to propel the place as a new tourism spots and to upgrade it at the international level. The Office has thus integrated the expertise of Khon Kaen University in order to build a firm social foundation from good understandings of the young generation. The district has been driven forward to achieve the set goals in economy and tourism. The outcome will also be the improved quality of life of the people in the area. This is one of the goals of Khon Kaen University that has been set when the University was founded. It is also in accordance with the sustainable development goal (#SDGs 1), which is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

The event was honored to have Asst. Prof. Sukanda Nakhapaksin, Ph.D., an expert in the management of tourism innovation and Dr. Jinnapat Pathumporn from the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy to assist in providing consultation for locating needs and building guidelines for developing entrepreneurs of each group. The team of students from 1st to 3rd years of KKBS and Faculty of Education assisted in the activities. The entrepreneurs joining the “Savings Bank’s 2022 Squared Youth’s Locality Development” included: 1) The “Kaset Nawat Withee Kaw Na, Ban Pha Namthip”, 2) “Ern Khwan” Organic Farm, 3) The Learning Center for Increasing Efficiency in Farm Product Manufacturing, 4) “Fai Ta Suan” Longkong Farm – Agricultural Tourism Spot, 5) Pha Thevada Long Kaeng Community Tourism Spot. After this, the student and lecturer teams will work at the site to help driving the groups towards the expected success.


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