COLA KKU joins private sector to develop a platform and transfer digital public service innovations

June 8, 2022 – Assoc. Prof. Peerasit Khamnuansil, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Local Administration (COLA) and the team of administrators and staff attended the MOU signing ceremony with the One Geo Survey Company, a company under Thailand Internet Co. Ltd. The MOU is for development and transfer of knowledge and innovations of digital public services. Signing for the One Geo Survey Company was Dr. Teerapat Butrakhot. The two institutions, with similar visions and goals and under the MOU, intend to implement the following 3 jobs:

  1. Integrating instruction of the courses under the Cooperative Education Program and the Professional Training courses at the undergraduate level of COLA. Incubation will be carried out that is aimed at enabling students to apply the already developed digital innovation to transfer and put into practice for the management and administration of public services at local administrative organizations. The other purpose is to bring back the recommendations received to develop platforms that will more efficiently answer the arising issues. As for the graduate levels, the master’s degree and doctorate degree in public administration, the students will be promoted to participate in the process that seeks needs and develops digital innovations for public services. These will be incorporated in the studies and research of the graduate students. The outcomes of the studies are expected to be extended commercially and to incubate digital entrepreneurship among the students.
  2. Organizing academic service in the form of training and workshops as well as provision of consults to administrators and personnel of local administrative organizations and people in the locality. The joint developed digital innovations for public service will be put into real use.
  3. COLA team and experts from the company will join in seeking potential local administrative organizations that are interested in the said missions in order to transfer the developed digital innovations for real practices in their local administrative organizations.

The collaboration of the two institutions meets the policy of Khon Kaen University in promoting faculties to provide instruction that is under collaboration with the private sector to develop innovations, research, and transfer the developed outcomes for real use or for commercial extension. For students, this will provide them with a venue for learning in real contexts and enable them to develop their potential as a digital entrepreneur in the future.


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