A workshop “Mo Lam Business toward Digital Market” is held under Mo Lam & Creative Economy Project, with hope to stimulate root economy from cultural capital

July 7, 2022 – Mo Lam & Creative Economy Project held a workshop: “Mo Lam Business toward Digital Market” to upgrade Mo Lam business at Pullman Raja Orchid Hotel Khon Kaen, with support from MHESRI, College of Local Administration, Kenan Foundation Asia and Meta Boost.

The workshop featured the Up-skill activities for the attendants, who came from all networks related to Mo Lam business in order for them to extend their business. The activities included: “Cultural Capital Map Design” by the team from the Mo Lam & Creative Economy Project; “Digital Market” by Meta Boost; “The Secret of Attracting Brand Design”, for creating content with popular tools; “Management of Business Page on Meta Business Suite”; “Decoding IG Story” by Meta’s recommended speaker; and “Online Community Power and Use of Facebook Group” by Manager for Community Allies of Meta’s Asia Pacific Region.

Asst. Prof. Sirisak Laochankham, Ph.D., a lecturer of the College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University who is the Project leader said that the workshop was organized with support from Khon Kaen University and Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, with cooperation by researchers from many faculties of Khon Kaen University.

The major aim of this workshop came from the trend in the change of production innovation of Mo Lam artists with evident works. Mo Lam has become an interesting trend in the present-day society, especially the cultural entertaining business. Therefore, the upgrading of Mo Lam toward another step will enable Mo Lam to reach the present digital situation and raise more income. But how can this be achieved?

The event was a cluster of over 60 Mo Lam artists and artists in other fields related to Mo Lam, such as work production, studio owners, musicians, various musical instruments manufacturers in Isan, who are looking forward to development and upskills in their job. The workshop was cooperated by Facebook Thailand, Kenan Foundation Asia and Meta Boost, who supported by sending trainers.

Asst. Prof. Sirisak Laochankham added that most of the artists and trainees at the workshop already possess the skills at the basic level. But some innovation is new. The objectives of the training were therefore to: 1) increase their skills, 2) build more incomes for them, and 3) provide them with innovations that help to bring more income from many more channels. This would create root economy from cultural capital.

News: Jitrladda Saenta



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