Office of Academic Service joins Faculty of Agriculture to offer training on Small-Waters Fishery at Phra Yuen Mingmongkhon Sub-district

August 11, 2020 at Sufficiency Economy Prototype Community Learning Center, Phra Yuen Mingmongkhon Sub-district, Khon Kaen – Office of Academic Service and Faculty of Agriculture of Khon Kaen University joined Phra Yuen Mingmongkhon Sub-district Municipality to run a training project on small-waters fishery with an aim to strengthen food stability condition and build supplementary occupation for households.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sathorn Porntrakoonpipat, Deputy Director of Office of Academic Service presided over the opening ceremony of the training, “Small-Waters Fishery” at Sufficiency Economy Prototype Community Learning Center, Phra Yuen Mingmongkhon Sub-district where Mr. Chairote Wanphet is the Sub-district Head. The objectives were to enhance food stability and build supplementary occupation for households. Ajarn Kampon Thaiso, from the Fishery Unit of Faculty of Agriculture was the trainer. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bandit Yuangsoi, Head of Department of Fishery, Khon Kaen University and Dr. Siriporn Thola from Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Chiangmai University joined in the opening session.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sathorn Porntrakoonpipat said in his opening speech, “The training of fishery in small bodies of water at Phra Yuen Mingmongkon Sub-district area is the outcome of the work of the Mayor of the Sub-district, who is a good role model for other people. I’d like to see sustainability and I’d like to see the place becoming a famous tadpole selling source. If we have a strong group, the budget will come, for relevant organizations will see the sustainable and effective development and will be happy to help.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sathorn Porntrakoonpipat

Mr. Manit Dawangpa, a farmer who joined the training said, “I attended such training once and I raised catfish and it was successful and the cost paid itself. At present I grow rice, but there is no water. I think there’ll be no harvest. So I will turn to small-waters fishery instead. This training gives me a lot of knowledge. I’m drilling a 6 inch groundwater well and will be installing solar cell, too.”

Mrs. Panomporn Saetang said, “We have a groundwater well and two 5x5m ponds for rice paddy. I want to start the small-water fishery, where I plan to raise frogs and anabas. I’d like the professor to design the farm for us.”

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